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Shipping & Returns

1. How many countries can we reach?

Answer:we can reach every country.

2. When will the tracking number be sent?

Answer: in general, the package tracking number is sent within 24 hours, and the package tracking number is sent within 36 hours on the special festival.

3. When can the package arrive?

Answer: it usually takes 7-9 days forpackage to arrive in the United States. Special festivals are more slow for 2-3 days. If you choose to use DHL transportation, it will be 2 days faster.

4. What does the product have to do with the problem?

Answer: if the product is damaged, we will help you replace the new product.

5. The problem of refunds?

Answer: if you do not like our product, you need to return the product, we can refund. When we receive the product, the money will return to the credit card automatically.

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